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DML Industrial Filter Manufacturer provides replacement filter elements production and private label ODM services for dozens of brands of original filter elements users or operators.

The range of replaced filter element: hydraulic filter element, sintered filter element, coalescing filter element, high-flow water filter, winding filter element, dust collector filter cartridge, etc.

Cross-reference of original filter elements suitable for industrial filtration equipment.
Applicable industries include mining, manufacturing, power plants, chemical plants, petroleum smelting, air compressor equipment, hydraulic oil filtration equipment, and other related industries.

Select Your Replacement Filter Elements

Main brand as below that industrial filter elements of we can manufacturing replacement to original. You might want to experiment with DML different products to see what works best for your equipment.

Please provide the part number to quickly match the replacement filter elements your suitable.

Hydraulic Filter Elements Cross Reference

pressure lline filter - DML hydraulic filter 3


dust-collector-filter---DML industrial filter manufacturer-home


MP-FILTRI-suction strainer DML


high pressure filter element - Dml industrial filter element supplier


DML hydraulic filter element manufacturer HILCO return filter 2


hydraulic return filter- DML filter element manufacturer PALL 4


pressure lline filter - DML hydraulic filter 5


Spin-on Separator Element replace Ingersoll Rand - DML


  • Argo
  • Vickers
  • Stauff
  • Filtrec
  • HY-Pro
  • EPE
  • Schroeder
  • Norman
  • Moog
  • Poll
Replacement Separator Element PN#010451050 replace elgi compair


Gardner Denver Oil Filter PN#2118345

Gardner Denver

  • Kaeser
  • Mann

  • Almig
  • Fusheng
  • Sullair
  • Bolet
  • Liutech

Donaldson Ultrafilter MF0305 - DML Filtration


Hankison Air Filter - DML Filtration E Series


Replace Domnick Hunter Compressed Air Filter - DML Filtration K430AA

Domnick Hunter

Replacement BOGE Filter Element - DML Filtration 575078857P


  • Orion
  • SMC

  • Kaeser
  • Wilkerson
  • Apureda

  • Deltech

More Original Brand Filter Replacement Needs

Didn’t find a suitable product from the cross-reference display?
Don’t worry
Due to the complexity and diversity of filter element brands, they cannot be fully displayed here
Most part numbers and information parameters of replacement filter elements are stored in our database

Please tell us the part No. or model code of your original filter element
Or provide a photo of the filter element as a reference
We will quickly help you match the appropriate original brand replacement filter information
Save your purchasing time and solve any of your questions

The part number is printed on both ends of the end cap of the original filter element, or you can directly ask your filter element provider

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    More Information About DML Replacement Filter Elements

    The filter element is very important to the filter system. The replacement cost of the filter element also accounts for a considerable share of the equipment operating expenditure.

    What is a Replacement Filter Element?

    All filtering equipment needs to replace the filter element regularly, and the replacement period is different, which is what we often call the service life
    So the filter element is a consumable item
    The material, technology and brand of the filter element are different, and the price of the filter element is also different.
    In particular, the original brand filter elements are expensive and account for a large replacement cost.

    The replacement filter also known as interchange filter
    It is to solve the problem of too expensive replacement cost.
    Especially for filter equipment that has exceeded the warranty period, the cost of replacing the original brand filter element is still very high.

    How to Choose the Replacement Filter Element Right?

    Basically, the replacement of original brand filter elements can be completed by the part number of the original filter element.
    Except for civil filtration equipment,
    Such as water purifier filter, air purification filter, and so on.
    That is a variety of categories, insufficient market circulation, and the competitive relationship between brands have resulted in the various interfaces and sizes of filter elements, which are difficult to interchange.

    General industrial brand filter equipment has a standard interface and size, which is international.
    Therefore, although many well-known filter element brands have different part numbers, all produced replacement filter elements have the same parameter information.
    The purpose is also to adapt more filter equipment to reduce the difficulty of replacing filter elements and increase the brand’s market share

    How to Achieve?

    Replacement of Original Filter Elements of Well-known Brands

    They all have their own filter elements cross reference chart
    For example, you can search in Google, Parker hydraulic filter cross reference, Stauff cross-reference, or Hydac filter interchange.

    According to the corresponding filter part number of different brands
    You can quickly find the replacement filter element you want, and some online transactions can be completed quickly, which is indeed convenient and efficient.

    there is still one question –
    The high cost of expenditure.

    Because as long as it is a well-known brand, there is bound to be a certain brand premium space
    At this time, more people will choose professional filter manufacturers to seek to replace filter element solutions

    Custom Production of Replacement Filter Elements

    Like above
    If you purchase a replacement filter element from the filter element manufacturer, it is very simple.
    It can be achieved by the part number of the original brand filter element.

    The part number is printed on both ends of the end cap of the original filter element, or you can directly ask your filter element provider

    Why Provide Part Number?

    According to the part number of the original filter element, we can call the filter element information from the database.
    Based on the information, a replacement filter element with the same filtering effect as the original filter element can be produced.

    This is why you only need to provide the part number.
    In addition, it will increase the reference accuracy if you can provide a reference picture of the filter element

    It cannot be accurately judged if there is only a picture without a part number

    For example, some hydraulic filter elements,
    The appearance is the same, but the part number is different
    Because the filtration level, pressure resistance, use intensity and use period are different
    So you need to provide the corresponding part number

    What Information is Included in The Element Part Number?

    A simple interpretation of the model information of some well-known brand original filter elements.

    HYDAC Filter Elements Cross-Reference

    There are two ways to confirm the data of HYDAC filter elements, the “Parts Number” or “Model Codes”.
    Although there are many series for HYDAC, both two codes are unique
    Nothing but some complex, and others simply to understanding.

    2 part number are selected for reference here:

    The type “D” Pressure Elements Model Code
    Reference Code One: 0500D010BH4HC


    The type “R” Return Elements Model Code
    Reference Number Two: 0750R005BN4HC

    Next is a simple cross-reference table:

    1: Size2: Type3: Filtration Rating4: Element Media5: Supplementary Details
    0063DN005ECO/ NV
    0300RK025P/ HC
    0095050BN/ AM
    0110074W/ HC
    As above in the table, 1~5 represent:
    • 1: Size – for filter size, including “Part No.” corresponding to “Model Code”, and Recommended Flow rate (L/min), etc. Different results for different series.
    • 2: Type – For example, The word “D” = Pressure Elements,and the “R” = return line elements.
    • 3: Filtration Rating – Represents the filtration accuracy, the unit is micrometers (μm), such as “020” is 20 microns, “005” is 5 microns.

    And the 4: Element Media –

    • p = paper
      P/HC = Polyester
      V = Stainless Steel Media
      MM = Melt blown
      ECO/N = Fiberglass
      W/HC = Wire mesh
      BN4HC, BH4HC, BN3HC, BH3HC = Fiberglass
    • (You need to know that the inclusion of “HC” means that protection covers of different materials, such as “P/HC” for a plastic outer wrap, and “W/HC” for wire mesh pack. And the “BN4”, “BH4”, “BN3”, “BH3” mean HYDAC’s filtration technology of “Betamicron ® 3” and “Betamicron ® 4”. Thereinto: -N = Low Collapse, -H = High Collapse)

    Finally, the 5: Supplementary Details – Seals

    • V = Fluoroelastomer (FPM) (standard)
      (omit) = Nitrile (NBR) (standard)
      KB = without bypass

    In this way, the basic information of the filter elements can be separated through the “Model Code” and “Part No.” of the original filter.

    So, This can be used to initially determine whether the replacement filter elements match.

    Now let’s look back at the reference number:
    “D” 0500D010BH4HC and “R” 0750R005BN4HC

    You can check of it this way:

    • “D”    0500 | D | 010 | BH4HC
      The information you can get: the pressure filter elements used 10μm fiberglass of filter media, and so on.

    This is why you only need to provide the part number for replacement filter elements manufacturing.

    The same method is applicable to other brand filter elements, but each brand has its own unique marking method
    Such as

    Pall Hydraulic Filter Elements

    Reference Part Number: HC8900FKN16H

    Please take of it as – HC | 8900 | FKN | 16 | H

    1. HC: Indicates “Hydraulic Oil Filtration”
    2. 8900: The serial numbers of Pall filter elements, ( The inner and outer diameters are the same if their serial numbers are the same for different part number )
    3. FKN: “F” = Oil Filter, “K” = Filtration Ratio, “N” = Filter Fineness ( 6μm)
    4. 16: The height of the filter element is 16in
    5. H: Nitrile seal (if “Z” = Fluorine Seal, “J” = Ethylene or Propylene Seal)

    In this way, the different parts are separated, it is easier to identify the meaning of the part number

    Of course, as a user or operator, you don’t need to clearly understand the meaning of these data.
    Although the composition method of the part number is traceable, it is still very complicated between different brands, and the amount is large.

    If you need the replacement filter elements, just simply provide the part number.

    If you want to know more information or have purchase needs, please feel free to contact us.
    Any questions will be answered.

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to