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Used in industrial dust collector filter canister ( like baghouse), industrial equipment, and heavy duty equipment, and other dust removal systems or environments that require dust filtration or air purification.

Dust collector filter accuracy range: 0.1~10μm,
The replacement filter elements can cover most parts numbers of brand, and publicly recognized equipment.

DML has mature production technology, flexible industrial air filter element customization capabilities, stable production-delivery period, and reasonable prices.


Part of the dust collector filter cartridge display

Replacement filter element of standard model for fast delivery

Different Industries and Equipment

DML air filter belongs to the industrial dust collector, so all relevant types of filter elements can be manufactured.
It can also be customized according to the actual environment, system requirements, air volume, pressure, etc.
Through the engineer’s accurate calculation, you will get a dust collector filter with excellent filtration efficiency.

Stainless Steel Air Filter Element

High Pressure Air Filter - DML air filter element supplier

Use for Dust Collector Cartridge

Use for Dust Collector Cartridge - DML air filter element

Air Filter Element with Blade

Air Filter Element with Blade - DML filter manufacturer

High-pressure Resistant

High-pressure Resistant - DML dust collector filter supplier

Air Compressor Air Filter

Air Compressor Air Filter - DML dust collector filter supplier

Working on the Truck

Working on the Truck - DML dust collector filter supplier

Working on the Air Breather

Working on the Air Breather - DML dust collector filter supplier

Large Flow Dust Collector Filter

Large Flow Dust Collector Filter - DML

Dust Collector Filter Cartridge Replacement

All replacement filter elements shown right are suitable for standard air filtration equipment.

Due to the large number of parts numbers, if you do not see the type of air filter you want, please contact us directly.

We can quickly retrieve the product library and provide you with the needed detailed information, through the information of filter element or reference pictures you provide.

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Covers more than 8000 standard parts numbers. Just provide the brand model or photo to receive our products quickly.

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Professional technical engineers, all filter materials will undergo a variety of tests and calculations. Then produce.

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Mature freight channels can satisfy global delivery. Compression-resistant packaging to ensure safe transportation.

Price Advantage

The same quality as the original air filter, reasonable price reduces replacement costs, and low transportation costs.

Professional Customized

Model, brand printing, and packaging customization, independent air filter production line customization.

Stable Production-delivery Period

Automated production line, fast production-delivery period in any situation, NO MOQ.

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    More About Dust Collector Flter

    different industries and equipment, different filter element

    People like to apply the experience gained from one thing to another.
    For example, the dust filter cartridges used in cars, trucks, air compressors, and baghouses. Do you think they have similar functions?
    Actually there are still differences.
    If you apply the air filter maintenance experience on the car to the air filter of an air compressor, the results may be completely different.

    Generally, DML divides dust collector filter into three categories according to the purpose.

    1. Air filter cartridge to protect machinery and equipment.

    Usually used for the protection of internal combustion engines, air compressors, steam turbines, and other engine intake systems.
    For example: the position of the engine air intake or air intake duct of automobiles, trucks, engineering vehicles, ships, railway locomotives, airplanes, rockets, and other mobile equipment.
    The engine needs to take in a lot of air while working.
    If the air is not filtered, or the filtering effect is not good, the impurities entering the engine will accelerate the wear of the piston group and the cylinder.
    Equipment with high precision requirements or equipment with strict requirements on filtered air quality will have a serious impact.
    For example,
    Air compressor equipment will not only affect the service life of the oil filter element and the oil separator, but also indirectly threaten the safety of the bearing and rotor.

    Therefore, there are strict requirements for the maintenance and replacement of the air filter of the air compressor.

    2. Create a dust filter cartridge with a certain air cleanliness level space.

    Usually there are clean rooms with dust-free requirements, production workshops with hygienic requirements (medicine, food, etc.), clean production workshops to ensure human health, etc.
    There are also storage purification in museums and libraries.
    Operating room, cockpit and other special working environment purification, air inlet and air inlet pipe filtering equipment.
    In addition to filtering requirements for dust removal,
    these spaces also need to add more filtering conditions.
    Toxin Filter
    Fire prevention
    Explosion proof
    Hard particle wear
    According to different needs, the filter material of the filter cartridge is different, the selection of filtration accuracy, and the measured parameters are also different.
    Besides, depending on the type of filtration equipment, other types of filter elements such as plate filter or filter bag may be used instead of the filter cartridge.


    Industrial, or workshop environment, etc., dust filter cartridges that meet the environmental protection standards for gas emissions.
    Air filtration equipment can control the emission of smoke, dust, sand and other impurities.
    Reduce air pollution and work environment pollution caused by emissions.
    Of course, it can also avoid environmental fines.
    For example, painting equipment, powder spraying, sandblasting operations, paint industry, wood processing, cement plants, power plants, steel plants, dust boxes of engineering rigs, etc.

    The demand for dust collector filter in different industries.

    Through the working environment of some industry filters, understand the selection elements of dust filter cartridges.

    Cement factory filter

    In the production process of cement, it needs to go through multiple crushing and grinding processes, as well as high temperature drying.
    To filter these hard and rough dust particles, the filter cartridge needs to have the ability to resist wear for a long time.
    Although the dust filter cartridge has much higher wear resistance than the filter bag, it is also a test to filter hard particles for a long time.
    Need to enhance the abrasion resistance of the filter material of the dust filter cartridge.
    At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the filter cartridge has the proper ventilation and filtration efficiency.
    The dust holding capacity is at least 4 times or even more than ten times that of the same volume filter bag. It can greatly increase the service life.
    Reduce downtime and replacement costs due to frequent maintenance.

    In addition, some equipment also needs to consider the temperature resistance of the filter element.
    For example,
    The ultra-high temperature environment of the clinker cooler will cause a certain high temperature environment for the filtration of the clinker cooler baghouse.
    Here, the dust filter cartridge needs to choose a high temperature resistant filter material.

    Paper, pulp, wood products and other industries

    Traditional paper mills or wood products industries will generate a lot of dust.
    Various sizes of wood fiber particles produced by sanding, planer, lathe, sawtooth machinery, etc.
    It is flammable and explosive, and requires specific air filtration products.
    Through the combination with other materials.
    Dust filter cartridges used in the paper and wood industries have the advantages of flame resistance and high temperature resistance.
    Not affected by environment and frequency.
    Volume resistance increase
    High breakdown voltage
    Low dielectric loss
    Large temperature range
    Greatly reduce the risk of flammability and explosion in a dry environment

    Chemical industry filter

    Spraying, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, sandblasting, etc.
    will produce a lot of chemical dust particles with various properties.
    Such as hard particles, corrosive (acidic, alkaline substances), toxic substances, etc.
    Also accompanied by flammable and explosive characteristics
    At the same time, in order to meet environmental protection requirements, these dusts may also be collected, so sufficient dust holding capacity is required.

    For example: filtration of quicklime
    The dust produced by quicklime has a lighter specific gravity and is more hydrophilic and hydraulic than other types of dust
    The hygroscopicity will increase the alkalinity of the lime dust, thereby enhancing the corrosiveness of the dust during filtration.
    In this case, the natural sedimentation cannot be used to assist the dust removal.
    Therefore, these characteristics need to be considered in the selection of filter materials.
    Comprehensive dust collection efficiency
    Air permeability
    Corrosion resistance
    Difficulty of dust cleaning
    It is also necessary to consider the temperature of the gas and the environment, as well as the concentration of the dust inlet, etc.
    Determine the standards of the dust filter cartridge by calculation.

    Cleaning the dust filter cartridge


    Filter cartridges containing paper filter media are not washable.
    Protect precision equipment or replace filter cartridges of more expensive filter equipment
    It is not recommended to clean frequently, so as to avoid secondary pollution and seriously damage the operation safety of the equipment.
    For filter elements with low structural strength or fiberglass materials, pulse blowback is the most efficient way to clean.
    Do not use mechanical vibration to clean, because glass fiber material is relatively brittle.
    The broken and shed glass fibers caused by the shock will invade the system.

    How to choose the dust collector filter?

    What are the three most important parameters of the dust filter cartridge?
    Air volume
    Filter area
    Filter wind speed

    Air volume

    It is a prerequisite for dust filter cartridge filtration. There are many factors that affect air volume.
    Factors related to the filter element, such as
    The filter cartridge is blocked, the ash storage area exceeds the standard, and the pulse cleaning does not work (difficult to clean, water and oil removal problems, etc.).
    The air volume drop caused by the filter element will affect the pressure balance of the system.
    So it needs to be replaced and cleaned in time.

    Filter area

    The filter area of the dust filter cartridge is related to the diameter, height, pleat depth and density.
    For example,
    When the space and diameter of the vertically installed filter cartridge are fixed,
    the higher the filter cartridge, the larger the filter area and the higher the dust holding capacity. Which can reduce the frequency of replacement and save costs.
    But if the filter cartridge is too high, it will be more difficult to clean the dust.
    So the height of the general dust filter cartridge is not too high.

    Sometimes the filter area is not bigger, the better.
    Just like filtration accuracy, it has its appropriate degree.
    If the dust concentration at the inlet of the dust collector is high,
    the number of pleats of the filter material can be less, and the depth of pleats can be shallower.
    So that the filter area will become smaller.
    This is more conducive to cleaning.

    In addition
    When the dust concentration is high, the reduction of the filter area means that the pleats will become shallower and sparse, thus ensuring the ventilation
    By reducing the filter wind speed, the working resistance can be reduced, the filter efficiency of dust removal can be ensured, and the service life of the filter cartridge can be extended.

    Filter wind speed

    The speed of the filtration wind determines whether the filtration efficiency meets the standard.
    If the speed is too fast, the pressure will push some fine dust to pass through the filter fiber holes of the filter material.
    The dust concentration at the air outlet will increase. Thereby affecting air quality.
    If the speed is too slow, the speed of dust accumulation will slow down. But cleaning the dust will be more convenient.

    So what is the appropriate filter wind speed?

    It need to be considered according to the type of dust.
    For example,
    For particularly fine dust types
    We need to take less than 1m/min.
    Soft dust with slightly larger particles
    Can be properly taken to about 1.2m/min.
    Some hard particles with sharp edges and corners
    It should be less than 0.8m/min, otherwise the life of the dust filter cartridge will be very short.

    And, other aspects

    Consider from the point of view of multiple utilization of dust removal, (relative to filter bag)
    Since the dust filter cartridge has more folds, in order to facilitate dust removal, you can choose a lower filter wind speed.
    It is also OK to set filter wind to 1.2, 1.5 or even above.
    This needs to be comprehensive considered based on the structure of the filter material, the nature of the dust, or the emission requirements, etc.

    The fixed baghouse which has produced and installed.
    Since the fan and filter cartridge have been fixed, the number and spatial position of the filter cartridge cannot be changed.
    Due to errors in the original parameters design or changes in the processing environment, powder penetration or powder spillage will occur during the filtration process.
    The wind speed can be affected by changing the filter area of the filter cartridge to improve the filtration efficiency of the dust filter cartridge.

    When encountering such problems, the habitual response of customers is:
    1. The phenomenon of powder penetration occurs because the size of filter cartridge pore is too large to hold the dust;
    2. The phenomenon of powder overflow is due to the pore size of the filter cartridge is too small to reach the air flow rate.

    Although the aperture of the filter cartridge will have a partial impact on the powder penetration and spillage,
    the filtration of the dust filter cartridge is not a simple powder screening principle.
    When designing the powder spray booth, setting a reasonable wind speed is the key to the operation of the equipment.

    In the operation of the equipment, if the airflow passes through the dust collector filter too fast, the wind pressure difference will increase.
    At this time, the excessive air pressure pushes a part of the powder particles through the filter cartridge and enters the air duct, resulting in powder penetration.

    It is always welcomed to contact our technical experts if you have any problems with the use and replacement of the air filter.

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