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Provides over 48500 standard model number of Interchange filter, use for industrial equipment, and heavy mobile equipment.
The same filtration efficiency of the original filter element but It’s cost-effective.

Flexible automated product lines and customized printing to services The Equipment User, Traders, and Brand Owner.
Nearly 10 years of ODM experience to service German filter element brands, we have the confidence to help you get the stable quality, and timely delivery, and no MOQ

As your wish
the interchange filter you get will pass the actual filtration rating Inspection, and the filter media has to go through precise calculation before it is produced and formed ( beta ratios, differential pressure, flow capacity, etc.)

Interchange Filter Manufacturer DML

Which model number of interchange filters you need?

Interchange Filter Suitable For You

Use for industrial equipment, including hydraulic filter, air filter, high flow water filter, etc

DML provides hydraulic oil interchange filter, use for the hydraulic system in industrial equipment, and heavy mobile equipment.

Mainly shows you the hydraulic line filter element. Such as:

  • Suction Strainer
  • High-pressure Filter
  • Hydraulic Return Filter
Filter MediaStainless Steel MeshGlass FiberCellulose
Micron Rating3~400μm1~70μm5~40μm
Operating Temperature Range-20℃ ~ 160℃-20℃ ~ 160℃-20℃ ~ 160℃
Max Operating Pressure420bar420bar420bar
  • The stainless steel mesh structure
  • Can be washed repeatedly
  • Excellent filter efficiency
  • High flow capacity
turbine suction strainer DML
stainless steel suction strainer DML
turbine suction strainer Demalong
  • Great filtration ratings
  • High-pressure filter
  • Medium-pressure filter
  • Low-pressure filter
  • Reasonable price
pressure lline filter - DML hydraulic filter 8
pressure lline filter - DML hydraulic filter 7
pressure lline filter - DML hydraulic filter 4
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High-pressure resistance
  • Great filtering ratings
  • Excellent filter efficiency
FILTREC-hydraulic return filter DML
PARKER2- hydraulic return filter DML
PARKER-shaped hydraulic return filter DML

Air Compressor Filter

air filter | oil filter | oil separator

And compressed air filter, servo valve filter, and other filter elements, cover all kinds of pneumatic machinery, petrochemical industry, gas pipeline transportation, automation equipment, etc.

Not include filters for subsequent equipment, such as refrigeration compressors, compressed air drying equipment, liquid separation equipment, etc.

Air Filter

  • Dust collector filter, filter bags, and panel filter
  • High-quality filter media
  • High dust holding, good efficiency
Air compressor air filter DML
SULLAIR-Air compressor air filter DML
Air compressor air filter DML 2
ATLAS-COPCO-Air compressor air filter DML
MANN-Air compressor oil filter DML
Air compressor oil filter DML 2
GARDNER-DENVER2-Air compressor oil filter DML
GARDNER-DENVER-Air compressor oil filter DML

Oil Filter

  • External oil filter
  • Inline oil filter element
  • Excellent filter efficiency

Oil Separator

  • Imported glass fiber filter media
  • SS304 skeleton choosable
  • The oil content of compressed air is less than 0.03ppm
IR-Air compressor oil separator DML
ATLAS-COPCO-Air compressor oil separator DML 2
ATLAS-COPCO-Air compressor oil separator DML
Air compressor oil separator DML


Industrial Air Filter

Mainly provide Industrial dust filter element, Including dust filter cartridge, panel filter, and filter bags.

Suitable for heavy mobile equipment, laboratories, sterile rooms, machinery manufacturing, agriculture and forestry, air compressor equipment, etc.

Particle Removal Efficiency: 99.90% (β1 = 1000) @ 1 micron.
Multity types of structure, Filter ratings choosable.

FLEETGUARD-dust collector filter DML
dust collector filter DML 2
DONALDSON-dust collector filter DML
dust collector filter DML

Panel Filter

Large size for industrial filtration equipment
High-temperature resistance
Deep filtration effect

air filter - panel filter - DML
air filter - panel filter - DML 3
air filter - panel filter - DML 2
air filter - panel filter - DML 4

Filter Bags

Industrial filter bags
Excellent filtering efficiency
High dust holding capacity

Industrial Water Filter

Large Flow Water Filter

High flow rate, low pressure loss
Non-metal structure, easy to Installing
Longer serve life

Large Flow Water Filter Dml
String Wound Filter Cartridge DML

String Wound Filter Cartridge

Apply to acids/ bases, etc fluid environment, non-organic solvents such as chemical solutions
Excellent filtering performance

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

No chemical binder
Differential pressure less than 0.2bar
Longer serve life

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge DML
PP Pleated Filter DML

PP Pleated Filter

No chemical binder
No leakage
No secondary pollution

Coalescing Filter

Coalescing filter element use high-density gradient glass fiber, Efficient coalescence of liquid mist and droplets in the airflow, high filtration accuracy

Stable structure, no media fiber shedding, won’t cause pollution to the environment and downstream products. Great compatibility with various fluids.
Environmental protection, completely burned without residue.

Suitable for:
aviation fuel, petrochemical industry, turbine oil,
and other low viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc.

Coalescing Filter DML filter element

Glass Fiber Sintering Filter

Borosilicate Glass Microfibres bonded
Generally used to remove oil, particulate impurities, and aerosols in gas
Beta 10000/99.99% retention ratings from 0.1μm

Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Dml
Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Dml filter
Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Oil separator dml
Glass Fiber Sintering Filter Oil filter dml

Filter Element Used For Servo Valve

  • High filtering ratings, Good filtration efficiency
  • Maintain the oil cleanliness of the servo oil system
  • Very friendly to precision instruments

Suitable for industrial fluid systems

Such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, ships, metallurgy, energy, petrochemical, medical equipment, heavy machinery, etc.

Servo Valve DML filter 1
Servo Valve DML filter 2
Servo Valve DML filter 3
Servo Valve DML filter 4

Filter Disks, Filter Mesh

Mainly used for oil filtration in filter presses machine, oil system filtration of ships, diesel engines, and other equipment, as well as the filtration of impurities in textile raw liquid

  • Filtering accuracy: 5~202μm
  • Specification: 40/20 65/30 90/30 90/45 125/60 155/70 175/90
  • Filter media: Phosphor Copper Mesh, stainless steel mesh, etc…
Filter Disks DML filter element
Filter Disks DML filter
Filter Mesh DML filter element

Compressed Air Filter Element

Depending on the difference of the working environment, pressure of system, and filter media, the precision filter element can be used to filter liquid water, solid particles, gas-liquid separation, etc.

DML mainly provides production and sales of interchange filter elements, covering a wide range of industrial use.

filter element compressed air filter DML German
ORION3-filter element compressed air filter DML
HANKISON filter element compressed air filter DML
SMC3-filter element compressed air filter DML
SMC-filter element compressed air filter DML
filter element compressed air filter DML
NORGREN-filter element compressed air filter DML
IR-filter element compressed air filter DML

Parts of standard model numbers for your information above
Help you to know the scope of DML interchange filter

Why Choose DML Interchange Filter?

6 Advantages

Quality Control

  • According to the actual system info
  • Standardized production process
  • Professional filter media testing equipment
  • Full process quality control

Professional Customized

  • Filter technical drawings
  • Brand package and printing of mark
  • Beta ratios, filter ratings & efficiency
  • Production and testing equipment

R & D Capabilities

  • Metal sintering filter media research
  • Design & development of hydraulic filter and filter carts
  • R & D of filtration detection equipment
  • R & D of production technology means

Price Advantage

  • Interchange filter quality amount to the original brand filter
  • You can increase your sales profit by more than 30%
  • Reduce the replacement cost of your filter equipment by more than 30%

General Strength

  • Nearly 10 years of OEM & ODM production experience
  • Provide ODM service for filter brand dealers of Germany, Czech, Romania, and other countries.
  • Supply special filter element for Greek shipyard
  • Set up the independent production line to ensure quality & delivery time

Short Delivery

  • Mature automation ensure that production & delivery short time
  • The popular standard model number will reserve part of the inventory
  • Multi-layer packaging is used to ensure the safety of transportation

How To Purchase Interchange Filter?

Try to make it easily

We are specialized in filter filed over 23 years.
Mature production technology, and can give you professional technical guidance of installation and use.

Many manufacturing industries must replace the filter element when using filtration equipment, and sometimes will replace the original filter element with another brand of interchange filter.

Including filter element of known brands, also be cross-referenced.
For example:
Donaldson, Parker, Hydac, etc.

If you need to change the interchange filter of the regular model number, that’s easy.
but custom or you want to reduce the filter cost of replacing,
absolutely that you should find a reliable and stable interchange filter manufacturer.
And, be sure to keep a good record of system parameters.

Filter Customized

The information of Working environment, filter media, system pressure, etc be needed
You will get our engineer help to solve all filtration questions

Interchange Filter Guide

Provide reference information:

  • Replacement filter model number
  • Original filter element photo ( the model number of filter usually be printed on the end cap )