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DML industrial air filter manufacturer provides matching replacement filter models and customized air filter.
Use for industrial equipment, heavy mobile equipment, air compressors, and other dust filtering equipment and various clean rooms.

Products Include:

Air Filter Manufacturer - Pocket filter Cartridge - DML
Air Filter Manufacturer - Panel Filter - DML
Air Filter Manufacturer - Dust filter Cartridge - DML
  • Dust Filter Cartridge
  • Panel Filter
  • Pocket Filter & Bag

(the diameter range of filtering impurities: 0.1~10μm).

It has excellent filtration efficiency, good waterproof and oil-proof performance, low resistance, ability to handle large air volume, high strength, long service life, etc.

Industrial Air Filter Classification | DML

Find the right air filter element for your industry

As an industrial air filter manufacturer, DML can provide air filter products for these industries:

  1. Energy (electricity, petroleum), cement, chemical, machinery, glass, and other production line raw materials recovery, dust removal, etc. dust removal filtration.
  2. Cigarette, coating, production line raw material recovery, etc. dust removal filtration.
  3. Dust removal filter element of dust collector in woodworking, polishing, crushing, and powdering agent industries.
  4. Special filter element for dust box of engineering rig.
  5. And clean rooms for various industries, etc.
  6. Provide air filter products for dust filtration, sterilization, deodorization, dust-free, etc.

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Air filter element - DML dust collector filter replacement FLEETGUARD

Dust Collector Filter

Air filter Element - DML panel Filter

Panel Filter

DML Pocket Filter

Pocket Filter

Dust Collector Bags - DML FIlter Bags

Filter Bags

Why Choose DML Industrial Air Filter Manufacturer?

6 reasons to help you get high-quality air filter

Replacement Filter

More than 8000 types of air filter can cover most brands of industrial dust removal equipment。

Professional Customized

Model customization, brand printing customization, packaging customization, professional air filter design, and development engineer.

Quality Control

Complete filter material testing equipment, mature production technology, strict quality inspection procedures.

Price Advantage

Better quality than the original air filter & save more than 35% replacement cost.

Transportation Advantage

Mature freight channels, cost controllable. A stable and safe receiving experience by Compression-resistant packaging.

Stable Production & Delivery Period

Automated production line, fast production and delivery in any situation, NO MOQ.

Want to reduce replacement costs? The quality of existing suppliers are unstable? Want to run your own product line?

Know More About DML Air Filter Element

Corrosion, High temperature, and pressure resistance. Easy to install and disassemble. Standard size.
Good sealing. Large processing gas volume. Can back blow cleaning. low energy consumption.

Dust Filter Cartridge

The filter cartridge is a cylindrical air filter element that is folded into pleats by a certain area of filter material.

Features of dust filter cartridge:

  1. Greatly increase the effective filtration area;
  2. Ensure a low and stable pressure difference & increase air flow;
  3. The filter cartridge element is small and easy to install;
  4. It is also suitable for industries with high dust concentration.

Affected by the requirements of filtering impurities, use requirements, and use environment, the selection of the filter material of the dust filter cartridge, the number of pleats, the density of pleats, the size, etc. are all different.

Specific parameters need to be determined according to cleanliness requirements and actual equipment requirements.
It cannot be changed at will.

Stainless Steel Air Filter - DML air filter element supplier

Stainless Steel Air Filter

Large Flow Dust Filter Cartridge - DML air filter element supplier

Large Flow Dust Filter Cartridge

Air Filter with Wind Leaf - DML air filter element supplier

Air Filter with Wind Leaf

High Pressure Air Filter - DML air filter element supplier

High Pressure Air Filter

Air Compressor Air Filter replacement for SULLAIR - DML air filter element supplier

Air Compressor Air Filter

Air Filter for Truck - DML air filter element supplier

Air Filter for Truck

Breather Filter Leemin - DML air filter element supplier

Breather Filter

Cartridge filter replacement to HYDAC - DML air filter element supplier

Cartridge Filter

Panel Filter

As a panel industrial air filter manufacturer, DML provides panel filter for industrial dust removal and filtration.

For example:
Air filter elements for large-scale industrial filtration equipment, clean rooms, and other industrial equipment.
The characteristic is the large size.

If you are looking for a high-quality industrial dust removal equipment filter element supplier, DML is your trusted partner.

Advantages of panel filter:

  1. Sturdy structure and stable filtering effect;
  2. Relatively high dust catching capacity and easy to clean;
  3. Low initial resistance and extended service life;
  4. Effective dust removal and ventilation through combination;
  5. Special process methods and abundantly available filter materials increase applicability in different environments.
Air Filter Manufacturer - Panel Filter - DML

Panel Filter

air filter - panel filter - DML 2

Pleated Filter

Carbon Filter

Carbon Filter

Hepa Filter with Hood

Hepa Filter with Hood

air filter - panel filter - DML 3

High-temperature Filter

air filter - panel filter - DML 4

Separator Filter

Filter Bags

The filter bag is usually made of cloth material, which can not only be used for dust removal but also can filter water, oil, and other liquids.

Different materials can make the filter bag have multiple properties.
It can withstand high temperature, strong acid, alkali, grease, high toughness, abrasion, and damage, etc.
And it has the advantages of good dirt holding capacity and service life, easy cleaning and maintenance, low-pressure difference, and large processing capacity.

Filter bags are widely used in industries such as eliminating dust pollution, improving the air environment, and recycling materials.

Dust Collector Bags - DML FIlter Bags

Dust Filter Bags

DML Pocket Filter

Pocket Filter

Air Filter Manufacturer - Dust filter Cartridge - DML

V-bank Filter

Advantages of filter bags:

1. High dust removal efficiency. It can filter fine dust with an impurity diameter greater than 0.3 microns, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%.

2. Flexible use, the processing air volume can range from hundreds of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour.

It can be used as a small unit directly installed indoors near the machine tool, or it can be made into a large dust collection room, named as “baghouse”.

3. Simple structure, stable use, low cost, and convenient maintenance.

How to Purchase Industrial Air Filter?

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    Get A Suitable Air Filter

    Do you know how to select the air filter element?

    The structure of the air filter is relatively simple, while the choice of materials is more abundant.
    Commonly used filter materials for air filtration include:
    Air filter paper (normal, flame retardant), fiberglass, stainless steel mesh, polyester filter material (normal polyester fiber, waterproof polyester, anti-static polyester, etc.), felt, fiberglass felt, etc.

    What Does The Industrial Air Filter Manufacturer Need?

    Many factors need to be considered in the manufacture of air filter.

    • Air volume (air cloth ratio)
    • Air resistance (pressure drop)
    • Dust concentration
    • Filtration accuracy (the size of the dust to be filtered)
    • Filtration efficiency (air cleanliness)
    • Ambient temperature
    • Whether it contains corrosive impurities
    • Work pressure
    • Size, height
    • The nature of dust (flammability, explosiveness, etc.)

    It is necessary to select the appropriate air filter according to the use effect, environmental requirements, and specific requirements for all equipment.
    These influencing factors should be fully considered especially for custom-produced air filter elements.

    Common Filter Media For Air Filter Element

    Paper Dust Filter

    This kind of air filter material made of natural wood pulp fiber has poor strength and is not resistant to water. It is suitable for dust filtration with low water content in the air.
    However, by combining with other materials, a flame-retardant filter element can be made, which can adapt to high-temperature environments.

    Fiberglass Filter

    As the filter material of the air filter element, fiberglass can play a role in separation. It can filter impurities other than solid particles such as oil and water in the air (including solid particles).
    It has the advantages of extremely high filtration accuracy, high-temperature resistance, and long service life.

    Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Air Filter

    The filtration accuracy of stainless steel metal mesh can reach 5μm, so it can meet the needs of many special industries.
    Advantages of stainless steel metal mesh air filter:
    a, no filter material falling off;
    b, high temperature, and low-temperature resistance. Corrosion-resistant, no chemical reaction;
    c, Large filtration area, high mechanical strength, small pressure loss;
    d, easy to reverse clean, long service life.

    Polyester Filter Material

    Good wear resistance, it can withstand the pulse blowback of airflow better than other materials (except stainless steel metal mesh), and can be cleaned repeatedly.
    Good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. It is often combined with other materials to make filter materials with different functions.

    Felt Filter

    It is a kind of filter material belonging to cloth materials, which can be used to filter gas, water, oil, etc.

    How to Choose Interchange Filter?

    According to the air filter model requirements, you can quickly select a suitable replacement filter element.

    This is because the standard air filter has fixed data parameters in all aspects and does not need to be changed, it only needs to be made according to the original filter design.

    But pay attention to distinguish the quality, the appearance can be exactly the same, the key is to have effective filtering performance, it can be compared with the original filter element to make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the replacement filter element.

    For example:

    • Is there an unpleasant smell?
    • Whether the density of pleats meets the requirements
    • Is the height of pleats meets requirements (the width between the inner and outer diameters)
    • Whether the inner diameter and outer diameter meet the standard
    • Height of filter element
    • Is the structure tight enough and not easy to loosen and deform
    • The sealing structure is chipped or incomplete
    • Is the weight of the filter element sufficient?
    • The roughness of filter element workmanship

    These surface problems can make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the filter element.
    But it is impossible to accurately determine whether the filter element has excellent filtering performance.
    This needs to be tested.

    Know More About The Air Filter

    The basic misunderstandings about the filter element, such as the size of the filter accuracy, the problem of materials, etc., will not be emphasized too much.

    Here are a few issues that are easily overlooked.

    1,Filter quality problem

    During use, if the filter element has air leakage, the differential pressure resistance reading has abnormal growth, etc., what needs to be considered is not only the quality of the filter element but also the size of the interface part of the filter device, which requires custom processing.

    For example, if the quality of the static pressure air supply port is not good enough, it will cause a loose seal between the standard replacement filter element and the air supply port.

    If you encounter this kind of problem, you need to accurately measure the equipment to eliminate the possibility of failure.

    2,The air filter can be cleaned and reused

    Most of them can be blown back to extend the number of uses (instead of extending the service life), however, in some cases, cleaning is not recommended.

    It should be replaced directly.

    There are four reasons.

    a. Advanced clean room

    (such as some air filtration equipment for pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, etc.)

    These filtering equipment have higher requirements for cleanliness. It has little effect on anti-cleaning and may cause secondary pollution.

    b. Equipment with precision structure

    (such as air compressor, etc.)
    The back-end filtration systems of this filtration equipment are equipped with filters that are more expensive and cannot be used to increase the number of times of use through cleaning.

    Moreover, the filter element protection system is relatively sophisticated, expensive, and difficult to maintain, in order to save the replacement cost by cleaning the air filter is obviously not cost-effective.

    c. If the air filter is not too dirty, it does not need to be replaced.

    If the operating environment of the equipment is very clean, it can be replaced after a period of time has passed the replacement period, or the operating environment is very bad, but the air filter is much cleaner than imagined.

    You should be alert at this time.

    It is necessary to judge whether the air filter element has effective filtering capacity, otherwise, it must be replaced in time.

    d. No reverse cleaning system

    If you need to manually remove it and clean it manually, it needs to consider whether there are strict requirements for cleanliness standards.

    If the requirements for cleanliness are very strict, it is best to replace them directly, because the equipment is not equipped with a pulse backwash, etc, clean pressure and uniformity cannot be ensured and will cause more dust pollution inside the filter element.

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