Hydac Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing


DML replacement filter are manufactured according to the range and complexity of our customers’ requirements, all replacement Hydac filter elements have the same filtration efficiency as the original filter.
They can significantly reduce your replacement costs with high quality and reasonable price while ensuring the efficient operation of the filtration equipment.

Replacement filter elements include: hydac hydraulic filter, hydac pressure filter, hydac return line filter, hydac air filter, and so on.

Please provide the part number you need to replace, and we will quickly match the replacement filter element suitable for you according to the hydac filter cross reference.

Hydac Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing Details

Choose some usual replacement products details show below cause of part numbers due to having too many.

0500D 010BH4HC Hydac pressure filter elements

Replacement PN#: 0500D010BH4HC

0500D 010BH4HC Hydac pressure filter replacement details
0500D 010BH4HC Hydac hydraulic filter details
0500D 010BH4HC Hydac pressure filter elements details
0500D 010BH4HC Hydac filter elements details

Similar Part Number Reference:

  • 0240d010bn4hc
  • 0160d010bn4hc
  • 0110d010bn4hc
  • 0060d010bn4hc
  • 0330d010bn4hc
  • etc.
0750R005BN4HC Replacement Hydac filter elements

Replacement PN#: 0750R005BN4HC

0750R005BN4HC Replacement Hydac return line filter elements
0750R005BN4HC Replacement Hydac return line filter elements details
0750R005BN4HC Hydac return line filter details
0750R005BN4HC Hydac return line filter elements details

Similar Part Number Reference:

  • 0330r010bn4hc
  • 1300r010bn4hc
  • 0850r010bn4hc
  • 0660r010bn4hc
  • etc.
0007L010P hydac air filter

Replacement PN#: 0007L010P

0007L010P hydac air filter details
0007L010P hydac air filter elements details
0005L hydac air filter

Replacement PN#: 0005L

0005L hydac air filter details
0005L hydac air filter elements details

More similar part number please show us if you have hydac replacement filter elements needs, like “0007l003p”

Why Choose DML to Replace HYDAC Filter Elements

Quality Control

  • High-quality filter media purchased from HV & Lydall companies in the United States, and comprehensive production ISO testing.


  • Same to the quality of the original filter, direct factory, at the same time also to help you save more than 35% of the replacement cost.

Existing Customer

  • ODM service, for Germany, Czech, and other industrial equipment customers to provide more than 10 years of production service.
DML replacement filter have been optimized for filtration performance and energy efficiency, these elements provide optimal separation efficiency, service life, and improved balance between differential pressure and flow rate.
  • High Filtration Efficiency
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Standard Collapse Rating

In What Ways Has The Performance of The Replacement Filter Elements Been Improved?

  1. In order to make the flow rate of the filter medium stable, the processing technology of the filter fold is optimized, the circulation area of the medium is improved, and the pressure difference is reduced.
  2. The perforated housing of the same material can be provided, which not only improves the tear resistance of the filter element but also ensures the flow rate and minimizes the pressure loss.
  3. It has the same high strength as the original filter element and a better diffusion effect. Guiding the lowering medium to flow evenly, reducing energy loss, can more effectively use the surface area to filter pollutants.
  4. Through optional mesh packaging, all end caps and support tubes are carbon impregnated to ensure electrical conductivity, ensuring that the generated static is removed and does not build-up to the level of arcing.
  5. The high-quality filter medium is selected, which has the same filtering effect as the original filter element. It can absorb water and realize efficient filtration of solid particles in various oils.

More Original Filter Replacement Needs

Please provide the hydac filter element parts number you need to replace or the old filter photos for reference, in order to purchase easily and save your precious time.

Then we will retrieve the product library and quickly match the replacement filter element data with the same part number, and the production can be arranged immediately after the reply and confirmation.

Contact us via the form, or send the information to info@filterdml.com
Any questions will be answered
Please Notice: make confirm your mail address correct.

    More About The Production Sales of DML Industrial Filter Elements

    Hydac is an industry filtration and product expert with great influence all over the world, especially for the design of personality components at fluid engineering, hydraulics, and electronic fields, etc., and a complete filtration system with specific functions. Which all have very good product quality.

    DML provides 100% compatible replacement filter elements for multiple brands of hydraulic filtration systems, so almost all part numbers of hydac filter elements can be replacement produced with our rich experience. We will provide you replacement filter element at a reasonable price and the same filtration efficiency as the original, and it can be completely replaced in size and function. It’s better in the hydraulic system.

    How To Do?

    According to hydac filter cross reference, through the part number, or the photo of the original filter as a reference, then we can produce replacement filter elements with the same filtration efficiency.

    Each filter element has a part number printed on it, or you can directly consult your equipment dealer, the part number is printed on the end caps at both ends of the filter element.

    If you need to purchase replacement filter elements of other brands at the same time, please add the brand name in front of the part number,
    In this way, we can quickly provide you with the quotation or production information you need.

    Learn More About The Application Expertise of The Replacement HYDAC Filter Elements

    Anti-static Safety

    The replacement filter element produced by DML can meet the usage of various industrial equipment.

    For example,
    It can meet the demanding requirements of power plant applications, such as turbine lubrication, hydraulic turbine system upgrades, rotary compressors, etc.

    The most important factors for this type of filtration are low flow resistance (reducing the pressure difference of the filter element) and the safety of electrostatic discharge (so as not to cause fire or damage sensitive electronic components or sensors due to static electricity)

    Filtration, Separation Performance

    The absorbent reacts with the water in the fluid and swells to form a gel, which cannot effectively remove water even if the system pressure is increased.

    In hydraulic systems, the presence of water can cause many problems.

    For example,
    Components such as valves and rods in the fluid power system are stuck, sometimes these problems are caused by rust, or because the lubrication of bearings and slide rails is lower than normal, this always leads to a reduction in system efficiency and an increase in energy consumption.

    So like solid particles, free water in the system is also a very serious “pollutant”, compared with the expensive dehydration system, it is a very economical and effective method to separate the free water in the hydraulic oil through a high-quality filter element.

    On this basis, high-quality replacement filter elements can save more replacement costs.

    Design & Reduce Pressure Difference

    For some harsh environments, such as Low-temperature Environments. We will use professional production technology to provide safe and reliable filter element products.

    The unique filter medium has very low resistance to the fluid, which can reduce the pressure difference of the filter element and reduce the energy loss during the operation of the hydraulic system. Such a replacement filter element makes it particularly suitable for use anywhere with high viscosity fluids, especially at low temperatures that produce cold start behavior.

    This low-pressure drop filter element is also the main choice for gear lubrication systems that use grease because this grease will undergo high-temperature changes during operation.

    Ask DML

    Yes, whether it is one sample of hydac replacement filter element, or elements customization of other hydraulic filter brands, all can be quickly arranged for production, and there is no quantity limit, and one can be carried out immediately.

    The replacement filter element needs to provide the corresponding part number.
    If it is a special requirement.
    for example, there is a need for customization, or partial data optimization of parts, etc.

    It is best to provide detailed parameters, or send samples directly, that we can all manufacture according to your requirements and demands.

    Sorry, no stock.
    The reason is that we need to ensure the quality of the product, and it will not be reduced due to the storage time.

    In addition, due to mature production technology, complete production line, and professional engineers, we can guarantee production and delivery in a short time.

    It doesn’t take a long time

    • Small production (1 or several), usually within a week
    • Replacement filter elements within a hundred can be manufactured within 10 days.
    • Thousands of filter elements, the production cycle, it only takes 1 month at most to ship

    If you have custom requirements, the production cycle will be increased, but it will not exceed a few days, that because of the parameters need to be changed, it is necessary to recalculate the pressure, differential pressure, flow rate, size and other data.

    Therefore, if your business is not rush, or the filtration equipment has high requirements on the filter element, I suggest you be more choosy, and you are welcome to contact us, we are very proud of our products and solutions.

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Sure that.

    DML has very mature ODM production experience. In the hydraulic filter industry, we have provided OEM services for customers in different countries for 10 years.
    For example,

    German hydraulic oil filter element brand customers
    Greek shipyard parts supplier customers
    And ODM customers in the Czech, Romania, and other countries

    In order to keep these customers able to enjoy a stable delivery time, and excellent replacement filter element quality same like original. So established professional production lines for them respectively.

    If you have your own private label

    We will also custom a professional production line for you, guarantee delivery, provide high-quality industrial filter products, and brand label printing services.

    As an experienced industry and product expert can provide you high-quality, cost-effective alternatives, and efficient solutions. I believe that DML will become your most suitable partner for filter manufacturers.

    And, do not worry.
    Even if you no ODM requirements,
    We will also provide basic information printing services, including the part number, etc. so that you can accurately find the corresponding information when you replace it next time.

    Any questions about replacement hydac filter elements, or purchase requirements for other brand filter elements, please contact us.
    Within 6 hours, technical experts will answer you in detail.

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to info@filterdml.com.