Mahle Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing


Mahle filter elements is another brand that DML can provide replacement of industrial original filter elements.

The best-functioning replacement filter element is essential to the filter equipment user, no matter what the filter of the original equipment parts is used for filtration hydraulic oil (or other oil), compressed air, or a separator, etc.

DML provide the replacement filter is suitable for mahle filter elements of Pi Type, 852 series, and OX filter cartridge, etc

Please provide the corresponding part number to get the inquiry
And feel free to contact us if any questions for filter replacement

Mahle Replacement Filter Element Detail

DML to Mahle Filter Cross Reference

Replacement Filter Elements For Mahle Type Pi

Hydraulic Pressure Line Filter
MAHLE Pi3130ps10 77680366 replacement filter elements
MAHLE details Pi3130ps10 77680366 replacement filter
MAHLE Pi3130ps10 77680366 replacement details

Pi3130ps10 | 77680366

Pressure Line Filter Elements
Pi1108mic10 - 77680085 MAHLE replacement filter elements
Pi1108mic10 - 77680085 MAHLE replacement filter elements details

Pi1108mic10 | 77680085

Hydraulic Suction Filter
Pi8430drg60 - 77681042 MAHLE replacement filter elements
Pi8430drg60 - 77681042 MAHLE replacement filter elements details
Pi8430drg60 - 77681042 MAHLE replacement filter details

Pi8430drg60 | 77681042

Replacement Filter for Mahle 852 Series

Hydraulic Suction Filter
852126drg40 - 77682875 MAHLE suction filter
852126drg40 - 77682875 MAHLE suction filter elements details
852126drg40 - 77682875 MAHLE suction filter details

852126drg40 | 77682875

Breather Filter Elements
852519mic MAHLE air filter - breater filter
852519mic MAHLE air filter - breater filter detail

PN# 852 519 mic

There are too many parts numbers, which can quickly match the filter element by searching our product library, so please provide some number your needs, or photos of the filter element as a reference, in order to make your purchase easily and save more time.

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Replacement Filter Elements Advantage

Service Advantage

  • Private label customization service
  • No MOQ, free low-cost samples
  • Perfect after-sales service, 1-year warranty
  • One-stop service to improve procurement efficiency
  • Respond quickly, contact our production experts

Production Advantage

  • 100% compatibility
  • High-quality filter media, professional filter cartridge design
  • Reasonable price, reducing replacement cost by more than 35%
  • Short production period and stable delivery
  • Customized production from actual requirements


The conventional model of the Mahle replacement filter elements, only need to provide the corresponding part number

If you need to adjust and upgrade the filter element according to actual conditions or equipment needs, you can provide corresponding requirements and reference materials

For example, size, initial pressure difference, flow, pressure or technical drawings and samples

Believe that our professional production technology level can meet your customized needs and local usage standards. We can also provide relevant certificates.

Contact us via the form, or send the information to
Any questions will be answered
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    More About The DML Industrial Filter Elements

    Replacement for Mahle

    As a century-old engine designer and manufacturer, Mahle is also very professional in the design and production of filter elements.

    DML mainly provides alternatives to filter elements for industrial equipment and heavy mobile equipment
    DML’s high-performance replacement filter element can be applied to almost all fluid media. Especially in hydraulic filtration systems.

    Help you understand the meaning of Mahle filter element model

    Like other well-known filter element brands,

    The part number of the Mahle filter element also contains a lot of specific information,
    For example, filtration accuracy, filtration media, pressure, size, filtration area, and other information

    Let’s briefly explain

    For example: Pi3130ps10

    As a typical Pi type filter element, used in the in-line filter, this part number can be split into:

    Pi 31 30 ps 10

    Pi means type,

    31 indicates the type of filter material: ps 10
    (10μm composite filter medium, suitable for filtration of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, water-based media, and other fluids)

    30 means Nominal size: NG 300 l/min

    ps 10 corresponds to Pi 30, indicating the type of filter material
    (the expression of filter material type ranges from 01 to 99, there are 20 or 30 types, but they are all even numbers)

    The most common filter material identification

    • Ps: It is a composite material, suitable for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, and water-based media, etc. The grade is 3, 6, 10, 16, 25μm
      Has a very high dust holding capacity and very low flow resistance
    • Mic: Disposable depth filter element of wood fiber or glass fiber. Although the price is not high, it has a high dirt holding capacity and low flow resistance
      The general filtration grades are 10 μm and 25 μm. The suction filter element for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil is cost-effective.
    • Drg: A surface-type filter made of stainless steel wire mesh that can be cleaned and reused, with a wide range of filtration levels (10μm to 500 μm)
      It is often used as a safety filter for filtering high-viscosity fluids or coolants.
    • Sm-N: Processing depth filter element. Has the highest degree of filtration and dust holding capacity
    • Sm-x: glass fiber filter element, deep filtration

    More expressions of filter media can be consulted at any time, such as the use of a moisture-rich filtration environment

    Example 2: Pi 15004 DN Mic 25

    Similarly, “Pi” means type applied to in-line filter

    15004 can be divided into 3 parts:   1 | 5 | 004

    1    indicates the type of filter material: MIC, which is consistent with the material expressed above.
    (There are also “2”-Ps, “7”-Ps vst, “3”-Drg, “8”-Drg vst)

    5    means the filtration level: 25μm.
    (Commonly used filtration grades include 1-3μm, 2-6μm, 3-10μm,… 9-250μm, etc.
    If the filter grade actually needs to be used is not within this range due to environmental factors, “S” can be indicated as optional,
    S can be 300 or 400μm, then the part number can be written as: Pi3S004DN300 or Pi3S004DN400)

    004    means Nominal size: NG 40 l/min

    D    means: applied to Pressure filter.
    (“R” is also applied to Return line filter)

    N    means sealing material: NBR

    So, what is NBR seal material?

    Nitrile, also known as NBR rubber and Buna-N, is the most widely used and most economical elastomer for industrial filter elements, with excellent corrosion resistance.
    (In addition, there are other sealing materials: “E”-EPDM: cheap rubber material, “F”-FPM: fluorine rubber ring, high-temperature corrosion-resistant sealing material, “P”-PTFE: inert material, high chemical resistance, “C “-CR: Synthetic rubber)

    More meaning of part numbers

    Take the Pi type part number as an example
    Each Mahle part number corresponds to an independent model
    For example, “Pi3130ps10” corresponds to “77680366”, and “Pi15004DNMic25” corresponds to “78260911”.

    Regardless of the number you provide, you can find the only corresponding information about the Mahle replacement filter element you need

    It’s actually very simple, you only need to find the printed number and brand name on the end caps at both ends of the filter element, and then send us
    Or directly ask your provider of filtration equipment or components.

    Ask DML

    As we have repeatedly emphasized, we can arrange production even for 1 filter element
    Conventional standard model of mahle replacement filter element requires accurate part number.

    However, if there is a custom requirement
    Please provide more reference information, such as technical drawings, system parameters, size requirements, or samples, etc.
    DML can be customized according to actual needs.

    Generally, it does not take a long time
    to produce mahle filter replacement elements with standard part numbers
    . Small production (1 or several), usually completed within a week
    . 100 within 10 days
    . It only takes 1 month to deliver for thousands of items

    1. According to the visual power maintenance indicator
    During a cold start, the indicator may give a warning signal.
    After reaching the operating temperature, you need to press the red button of the indicator again.
    If the button pops up again immediately, or the electrical signal does not turn off after reaching the operating temperature, the filter element must be replaced after shifting.
    2. If there is no indicator
    The filter element also needs to be replaced after trial operation or system flushing.
    3. Replace the fluid medium (hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc.)
    The filter elements need to be packaged and replaced during the replacement process.
    4. The filter element cannot be washed repeatedly
    Such as hydraulic pipeline and hydraulic return oil filter element, or filter element such as filter paper material
    The disposable filter element has a certain service life
    The replacement filter element needs to be prepared in advance.
    In addition, it is necessary to prevent the risk of replacement due to the quality of the filter element.

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Of course
    DML has very mature ODM production experience,
    Has provided brand OEM production services for hydraulic filter element customers in different countries for 10 years.

    Such as German hydraulic oil filter brand customers, Greek shipyard parts supplier customers
    And ODM customers in the Czech Republic, Ronia, and other countries.

    Here, you can freely customize your own brand label
    Provide the design drawings that need to be printed, and select the appropriate printing method and location
    Moreover, the replacement filter element with reasonable price and excellent filtration efficiency
    will definitely help you to increase your market share.

    As an experienced industry and product expert, we will provide you with high-quality, cost-effective alternatives and efficient solutions.
    I believe that DML will become your most suitable filter manufacturer partner.

    Do not worry,
    Even if you don’t have ODM requirements, we will provide basic information printing services
    Include the part number information of the filter element. So that you can accurately provide the corresponding information next time you replace it.

    In order to let you rest assured to use our mahle replacement filter
    DML provides a one-year product warranty
    During this period, any quality problems caused by production will be repaired or remade for free.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about replacement filter elements or purchase requirements for other original filter elements.
    Technical experts will answer you in detail within 6 hours

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to