Boll Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing


Boll filter elements is a filter element manufactured by one of the world’s leading marine filtration technology.

DML can produce high-quality replacement filter elements for fluid media such as liquids and gases, especially heavy oil, high temperature, high viscosity filtration environment, provide reasonable price, 100% compatibility, and the same high-quality filtration efficiency replacement boll & kirch filter element.

The benefits of choosing DML:
>Fully compatible with the original filter, and have the same filtration efficiency.
>Reasonable price, which can reduce replacement expenses by more than 35%.
>No MOQ, 1 filter element will be produced immediately.
>Provide corresponding brand printing services according to your needs.

Boll Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing Details

Need to replace the filter element immediately? Haven’t found a more suitable replacement filter supplier other than the original filter? Please rest assured, DML is your right choice.
We have filter element types that match almost all boll filter elements. Able to adapt to any use environment and flow rate of filter media, which can not only provide the same size, material, function, etc. as the original filter element, but also greatly save your replacement cost, at the same time, by reducing the initial pressure difference and improving the filtration efficiency and other technical means, the downtime and maintenance caused by the filter element can be reduced.

Basket Filter Elements

Suitable for coarse filtration or low pollution.
Which can be back flushed, easy to clean, made of high-quality stainless steel wire mesh and perforated plate.

Candle Filter Elements

High dirt holding capacity, large filter area, high pressure and corrosion resistance.
Made of high-quality stainless steel wire mesh, which can intercept smaller particles.

Fine Filter Cartridge

Used to filter water, lubricating oil, liquid fuel, etc. (HFO or LFO)
The filter media includes pleated plastic, high-quality glass fiber, paper fiber, etc.

Coalescence filter

Suitable for gas filtration and coalescence separation of chemical plants, petrochemical plants, offshore oil fields, etc.
High-pressure corrosion-resistant, very durable.

Replacement Boll Filter Elements Advantage

Quality Control

. High-quality stainless steel wire mesh, high-quality sintered glass fiber filter material, wood fiber, etc.
. The high-quality filter materials purchased from HV&LYDALL need to go through various tests before being put into production
. Fully comply with the international ISO certified quality system
. Including the smoothness and roundness of the pleats of the filter material, any tiny details will not be ignored


. Direct supply from the factory, omitting the complicated management and sales supply chain costs of the original filter element
. Save you at least 35% of replacement cost compared with the original filter element
. Help to increase more profit margins for distributors or brand owners,
. Multi-brand filter elements can be customized, one-stop purchase saves time, energy and costs

Existing Customer

. DML provides industrial filter element production services for air compressor equipment users, traders, brand owners, etc.
. The minimum order quantity for boll filter element is 1pc. Promise fast delivery
. Custom production lines for ODM customers, such as existing customers in Germany, Czech, and so on.
. More than 23 years of industrial filter element manufacturing technology and more than 11 years of brand ODM experience,

More Original Filter Replacement Needs

By sending the necessary information, you can simplify the procurement process and save your valuable time
specific methods:
When sending purchase requirements,
Please provide the part number of the required replacement filter element,
Or provide reference pictures, (samples are also available)

We will search the product library immediately to quickly match your product needs
Any questions will be answered in detail by our professional technical personnel

Contact us via the form, or send the information to
Any questions will be answered
Please Notice: make confirm your mail address correct.

    More About The Production Sales of DML Industrial Filter Elements

    The Boll replacement filter element produced by DML is also suitable for industrial filter element, oil filtration and gas filtration. As one of the world's best marine and engine filtration technology leaders, Boll's technical strength is unquestionable.

    DML mainly focuses on marine oil filtration systems and provides replacement filter elements with the same filtration efficiency as the original filter elements. We have provided very stable and reliable ODM services for Greek filter element brand customers, and customized independent filter element production lines.

    By using the most suitable filter material and the most mature production process, we always ensure the filter capacity, to ensure the quality of our filter elements, we have the following methods:

    • HV & LYDALL's high-quality filter materials and excellent technology
    • Filter materials must be inspected by our self-developed testing equipment
    • The data parameters will be calculated accurately before the filter element is produced,
    • Strict QC management and factory inspection
    • Quality management in line with international standards, in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification

    Applicable Fields

    Our replacement filter element is also suitable for any industry where the original filter element is applied, especially the marine filter system.

    • Shipbuilding Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Steel Mill
    • Oil and Gas Production
    • Automotive Manufacturing
    • Power Plant
    • Mining Industry

    The Way to Purchase Replacement Boll Filter Elements From DML

    You can clarify your product requirements by providing the part number of the original filter.
    The part number is printed on any filter element, and usually on the end caps at both ends of the filter element

    For example, if you need a certain boll filter element
    Just indicate the corresponding brand name and part number in the email just like: BOLL KIRCH PN#1450035

    In this way, we can complete an accurate quotation through your part number
    In addition, we can also ensure that the replacement filter element can fully meet your requirements
    You can also provide photos or send samples
    (if you need to customize or adjust, sending samples is the most reliable way)

    Ask DML

    We can produce replacement filter elements for mainstream Boll Kirch filter elements

    And there is no order quantity limit, even 1 sample will be immediately arranged for production

    Please rest assured that DML has established a mature automated industrial filter production line
    And we have made reasonable allocation to customers with different needs. We can meet all the needs of customers for samples, customized filter elements, or mass production

    For example, a small amount of sample production, or custom filter elements, generally can be completed within a week
    The production of 100 purchases can be completed within 10 days.
    It only takes 1 month to arrange the shipment of 1000 replacement filter elements

    We have 10 years of ODM production experience
    so far,
    We have established independent production lines for German hydraulic oil filter element brand customers and Greek shipyard filter parts supplier customers.
    Ensure the product quality of different customers and stable delivery
    Therefore, we are fully capable of providing you with high-quality label printing services according to your needs
    Including packaging customization

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Sorry, we only provide some periodic stocking inventory for ODM customers
    We do not stock conventional replacement filters
    The reason is that our technology can ensure that the product can be completed in a short time,
    In addition, for high-precision filter elements, DML believes that inventory cannot fully ensure the quality of the product
    So, if your needs are not too urgent, you can contact us at any time

    Any questions about boll kirch filter elements replacement or other filter element inquiries can contact us.
    Technical experts will answer you in detail within 6 hours

    If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us, or via mail to