Ingersoll Rand Filter Elements

Replacement Manufacturing


Ingersoll rand air compressor filter is one of the brands of IR Corporation, which provides filter elements for compressed air systems, the replacement filter element provided by DML is 100% compatible with Ingersoll Rand’s compressed air technology include: oil-free screw air compressor, micro-oil screw air compressor, centrifugal air compressor, scroll air compressor, piston air compressor, and filter elements of subsequent equipment.

The filter material of HV&LYDALL company used, mature technology, has the same filtration efficiency as the original filter element, and our very competitive price can help you save at least 35% of the replacement cost of ingersoll rand compressor filter.

The ingersoll rand filter elements that can be replaced are:

Ingersoll Rand Filter Replacement Manufacturing Details

DML provides corresponding replacement filter elements according to your air compressor type, which is also suitable for commercial applications, industrial applications, and industrial process applications, etc.
For example: small repair shops, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, textiles, food production, or general industrial manufacturing, as well as air separation, blow molding, etc.

Due to so many parts numbers, the following four types of filter elements are used as a reference. If you need high-quality filter elements, reduce the purchase expenses of the original filter element, please provide your part number or reference photos.

Replacement Ingersoll Rand Air Filter

Dust Collector Filter

Replacement Ingersoll Rand Compressor Filter Element PN#25-24172215
Replacement Ingersoll Rand Compressor Filter Element PN#54717145-152

. High dust holding capacity
. 100% compatibility
. High-quality filter material
. Wide range of alternative models

Panel Filter Elements

air compressor pocket filter DML manufacturer

. High dust holding capacity
. 100% compatibility
. Large air volume
. long service life

Ingersoll Rand Oil Separator Element

Interchange Separator Element - DML Industrial filter manufacturer 4

. High dust holding capacity
. High temperature and high-pressure resistance
. Low resistance, low-pressure drop
. Corrosion resistance, good separation effect

Ingersoll Rand Coalescing Filter

Replacement Oil Separator - DML industrial filter element manufacturer 1

. High quality sintered glass fiber
. Effective separation of gas and liquid
. Static elimination
. Adapt to various air compressor models

Compressed Air Filter Element

ingersoll-rand 88343124 57

. High-efficiency filtration of water and impurities
. Maintain compressed air quality
. Excellent temperature adaptability
. Good sealing

IR Spin-on Separator Filter Elements

oil separator for air compressor - DML filter Manufacturer 03

. High dust holding capacity
. Spin-on
. Low resistance, low-pressure drop
. High pressure and corrosion resistance

Replacement Filter Elements Advantage

Quality Control

  • High-quality filter materials, purchased from HV & LYDALL, USA
  • Before the filter element is produced, the filter material must be inspected and tested
  • As needed, reduce the initial pressure difference as much as possible through process technology
  • Continuously improve the product library and update the technical drawing data


  • DML eliminates the complicated management and sales supply chain costs of original filter manufacturers
  • Save more than 35% replacement filter cost
  • Traders? Not only gain reputation, but we will also help you increase your profit margins
  • Other brands of filter elements can also be replacement production, one-stop service that saves your time.

Existing Customer

  • Provide production services for air compressor equipment users, traders, brand owners, etc.
  • No MOQ, even one filter element can be produced immediately
  • ODM customers have custom production lines, such as existing customers in Germany, Czech, etc.
  • More than 23 years of filter element manufacturing and more than 11 years of brand foundry experience

More Original Filter Replacement Needs

Please provide the part number or photo of the old ingersoll rand filter element you need to replace as a reference, in order to facilitate your purchase and save your precious time, cause there are too many original filter models to fully display.

So that we will retrieve the product library and quickly match the replacement filter data of your part number, and production can be arranged immediately after reply confirmation

Contact us via the form, or send the information to
Any questions will be answered
Please Notice: make confirm your mail address correct.

    More About The Production Sales of DML Industrial Filter Elements

    DML provides 100% compatible replacement filter elements for various brands of air compressors.

    We can produce almost all types of filter elements to replace the Ingersoll Rand air compressor filter, with our very rich industrial filtration experience.

    That means the replacement filter element we provided with a reasonable price and a filtration efficiency equivalent to the original filter, and can completely replace your current Ingersoll Rand filter element in size and function.

    By providing the part number of the original filter element, we can simply confirm all needed data for production, each filter element is printed with a part number, or you can directly consult your equipment dealer, The part number is printed on the caps on both ends.

    If you also need to purchase other brands of air compressor filter elements, please add the brand name before the part number to ensure the accuracy of the element data.

    What means of the ingersol rand filter parts number?

    Let us use several common Ingersoll Rand air compressor filter part numbers as examples:

    Ingersoll rand air filter

    You can indicate in the email:
    “ingersoll rand 32170979” or “ingersoll rand air filter 32170979”
    Of course,
    you can also write it as “32170979 air filter”,
    but writing the brand name is easy to find and check.

    By analogy:

    • ingersoll rand 32012957
    • ingersoll rand 70243399
    • ingersoll rand 39708466

    Same method,

    If you need to purchase filter elements to replace ingersoll rand oil filter?

    Maybe that you can specify in the email:
    “ingersoll rand 39329602”.
    This means it is a spin on oil filter, or “ingersoll rand 23424922”, it is also a oil filter.

    In short,
    accurate part number information can help us accurately retrieve product data from the database.
    In addition,
    You can also provide the old filter of photos or send samples
    (sending samples will make the production that require customization or adjustment more reliable)

    Ask DML

    Yes, we produce Ingersoll Rand compressor replacement filter elements without limitation in quantity
    Whether it is sample production of replacement filter elements or normal filter element procurement
    Even if there is only one, we can arrange production immediately

    Ordinary Ingersoll Rand air compressor replacement filter element, there is no need to adjust the various data of the filter element, which can be completed quickly through the automated production line.

    • Therefore, it is usually completed within a week for a small number of filter elements (1pc or several, etc.)
    • Filter elements within 100 can be completed within 10 days.
    • It takes up to 1 month to produce 1000 replacement filter elements

    If you need to change the filter parameters or customize, the production period will be increased

    In order to ensure our filter elements have long-term excellent quality and reputation, we did not prepare so many spare parts in stock.

    Currently, we only prepare periodic filter cartridge stocks for ODM customers
    Our mature technology can guarantee delivery in a short time

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Of course
    DML has very mature ODM production experience, who has provided OEM services for filter element brand customers in different countries like the oldest German hydraulic oil filter brand-customer has been cooperating with DML for nearly 10 years.

    In order to maintain stable delivery and excellent quality, and designed and established a custom filter element production line for them, and apply it to other brand customers in the same way, including brand printing customization services

    If you want to operate your own brand of filter elements and print labels, please contact DML, We are the best choice to help your brand’s business development.

    Don`t worry
    Even you are not running your own brand
    We will also print the necessary information (such as part numbers, etc.) on your replacement filter element so that you will quickly find the part information for the next replacement.

    If you have any questions about the elements to replace ingersoll rand filter, or inquiries about other brand filter elements, please contact us.

    Technical experts will answer you in detail within 6 hours.

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to