Pall Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing


Pall filter elements are one of the products from PALL company, the global leader in filtration, separation, and purification technology. Which provide strict fluid management solutions for users in the life sciences and industrial fields.

DML can provide Pall replacement filter cartridges with reasonable price, 100% compatibility, and the same high-quality filtration efficiency for industrial customers.
For example:Pall hydraulic filter, Pall cartridge filter, Pall coalescing filter, Pall high flow filter, and other filtration parts

Pall Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing Details

If you are looking for a filter element suitable for industrial filtration equipment to replace the expired pall filter elements.
Don’t worry, DML can provide a variety of materials to adapt to the flow rate and use the environment of any filter medium.

It can not only provide filter elements that match the original filter housing in size, material, function, etc., but also reduce replacement costs while maintaining your filter system at standard cleanliness. Through the professional design of DML, the initial pressure difference is minimized, the filtration efficiency is improved, and the downtime and maintenance caused by the filter element are reduced

Pall Hydraulic Filter Elements Replacement

  • Stable flow rate of filter medium and low pressure loss

  • Large filtration area and dirt holding capacity

  • High temperature and corrosion resistance

  • High mechanical strength, high pressure resistance, good sealing

  • High-quality filter media, sourced from HV&LYDALL’s glass fiber
  • Short production period, direct shipment from the factory

Pressure Line Filter

Return Line Filter

Replacement Pall Coalescing Filter

  • Remove oil and water from air and fluid

  • High separation efficiency

  • Fixed filter hole, no falling off filter material

  • Suitable for most sizes

  • The deep filter area extends service life

replacement pall coalescing filter elements CC1LGA7H13
replacement coalescing filter elements details

Replacement Pall High Flow Filter Elements

  • Large diameter, high flow, no core

  • Single-open or double-ended open options

  • Pleated cartridge with an inside-to-outside flow pattern

  • The size standard meets the original, flow rate higher

  • Compatibility 100%

Replacement Filter Elements Advantage

Quality Control

  • High-quality sintered glass fiber filter media, stainless steel, polypropylene housings, and so on.
  • They must be inspected and tested before the filter media is made into an element.
  • The replacement filter element can also be flexibly custom by detailed data of the system
  • Fully comply with ISO certified quality system


  • Direct factory, omitting the management, sales supply chain costs of the original filter.
  • Save you more than 35% of replacement cost compared to the original filter elements.
  • Help filter traders or brand owners increase more profit margins.
  • More famous brand filter elements replacement. One-stop service saves time, energy, and costs.

Existing Customer

  • DML provides industrial filter element production services for air compressor equipment users, traders, brand owners, etc.
  • The minimum order quantity for pall replacement filter element from 1pc.
  • 23 years of industrial filter element manufacturing technology, and 11 years of private label experience,
  • ODM Service, such as customers in Germany, Czech, and other countries

More Original Filter Replacement Needs

It is difficult to display more replacement filter cause that there are so many original filter part numbers.

Please send the purchase request, and provide the part number of the pall filter elements, in order to save your precious purchase and inquiry time.
Or provide reference pictures you have.
(The samples may be better for custom)

We will search the product library immediately to match the products you need.
Any questions will be answered in detail by our professional technical personnel.

Contact us via the form, or send the information to
Any questions will be answered
Please Notice: make confirm your mail address correct.

    More About The Production Sales of DML Industrial Filter Elements

    Optimize your existing pall filtration system through the quality and performance of DML production, and provide 100% compatible pall replacement filter elements in function and size, as long as it meets the scope of application of industrial filtration equipment, our technical experts can produce regardless of the part number.

    The Scope of Use of Industrial Replacement Filter Elements

    From machinery equipment to manufacturing plants, from the mining industry to the metal smelting industry, the market and industry range of hydraulic, lubricating, and water-based process fluid systems is very wide.

    In these industrial situations, an efficient and reliable filtration system is essential for productivity and maintaining the safe and stable operation of equipment.

    General Industry

    Hydraulic and lubricating oil systems are bound to be used in conventional industrial manufacturing processes

    The reliability and effectiveness of pall hydraulic filter replacement can reduce maintenance frequency and reduce operating costs

    Pulp and Paper Filtration

    The mechanical equipment running in the pulp and paper mill needs to solve the problems of hydraulic lubrication and filtration of recycled water

    pall high flow filter replacement can maintain the cleanliness of the fluid at a specified level and increase the durability of the filter element

    Mining Equipment Filtration

    The reliability of mining equipment determines the maximum normal operating time, which can significantly improve business performance
    The main risk of equipment performance is the filtration of hydraulic lubricating oil, and the treatment of mining wastewater must meet the government’s clean standards

    Heavy-Duty Vehicle

    A good hydraulic oil filter can help mobile equipment reduce warranty costs,
    A good replacement filter element can maximize operating time to reduce maintenance and replacement costs

    Metal Industry

    Whether it is metal manufacturing, forging, or smelting, high-quality filtration and separation technologies are required to provide reliable filtration performance

    In addition, fierce competition has led manufacturers to continuously reduce production costs. DML’s professional replacement filter element can reduce more replacement costs.

    And Other Industry

    How to Purchase Replacement Pall Filter Elements From DML?

    You can complete the initial purchase consultation by providing the part number of the original filter element each filter element has a part number.

    The part number is printed on the end caps at both ends of the filter element.

    We can confirm all the information about the replacement filter of the pall filter elements you need through the part number you provide and send a detailed quotation.

    For example,
    you need pall hydraulic filter elements,
    You can provide the corresponding part number: “pall red1000” (for other original filter elements, please add the brand name)

    As long as the part number is accurate, we can accurately retrieve the corresponding product information in the database.

    In addition,
    You can also provide photos or send samples
    (if you need to customize or adjust, sending samples is the most reliable way)

    Ask DML

    Of course, we have many heavy-duty truck customers who need to purchase a hydraulic return filter element.

    In addition, many of our manufacturing customers purchase from 1 to 1,000 and can arrange the production immediately

    DML has a mature automated industrial filter element production line, which can complete the production of replacement filter elements in a short time, except for special customization requirements, the production of conventional models can meet any urgent needs of you.

    The purchase of single-digit filter element production is usually completed within a week
    Manufacture of filter elements with a quantity of less than 100 can be completed within 10 days
    1000 replacement filter elements can be shipped within 1 month at most

    DML believes that the filter element has a shelf life, inventory will affect the stability of the quality of the replacement filter element. Product extrusion will also increase management costs.

    Moreover, because our technological level can effectively ensure the delivery date of the products, we do not provide stocks of conventional products in order for customers to obtain the highest quality replacement filter elements.

    Only keep periodic stocking for ODM customers

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Yes, we can provide customized logo printing services to help your private label business grow.

    Please rest assured that even if you are not a brand operator, we will print the necessary information (such as part numbers, etc.) on the replacement filter element you ordered, so that you can quickly find useful information when you need to change it.


    We have very mature ODM production experience
    For example,
    we have established an independent production line for German hydraulic oil filter brand-customer who have been cooperating for 9 years, there are also countries including Czech Republic, Romania, etc. The purpose is to ensure the quality of each batch of products and stable delivery.

    If you also want to operate your own brand of filter components, welcome to contact DML, we will give a quite comprehensive consultation and production support, including customized production lines.

    If you have any questions about the replacement of Atlas filter elements or inquiries about other filter elements, please contact us
    Technical experts will answer you in detail within 6 hours.

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to