Parker Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing


DML industrial filter technology resources can provide Parker filter elements replacement products as required. Based on the parker filter cross-reference to help worldwide manufacturers, traders, and equipment users, obtain high-quality, reasonably-priced, and 100% compatible products.

Application range of replacement products:

  • Hydraulic, Lubrication, and Coolant Filtration
    Suitable for industrial, mobile, production machinery, and other filtration systems.
  • Compressed Air, Gas Filtration
    Air compressor, compressed air filtration product line, coal-fired dust removal, and other industries.
  • Chemical Fluid Filtration
    Fluid filtration in beverage, chemical, or food processing industries.

Parker Filter Elements Replacement Manufacturing Details

The replacement filter elements include: parker hydraulic filter, parker air filter, parker oil filter, compressed air filter elements, and so on.

Any questions or inquiry needs, pls feel free to contact us.

Replacement Parker Filter Elements

PN# CST45003-03 Replacement Parker Filter Elements


Similar parts number for the replacement filter

  • Parker 937399q
  • Low pressure (in-line Suction/return/duplex) filter elements

You only need to provide the corresponding part number to get a quote quickly.

G01954Q hydraulic filter replacement parker (1)


932627Q hydraulic filter replacement parker


936601Q replacement parker


936601Q replacement parker hydraulic filter


Some common parts number of hydraulic filter element cross-reference.

  • 932612q
  • 932624q
  • 932630q
  • 932670q
  • 932694q
  • 936708q
  • 936974q
  • 937395q
  • 937398q
  • 937782q
  • 941037q
  • parker 940802

Replacement Parker Return Filter

938373Q replacement parker return filter


937857Q retrun filter replacement parker


FF1088.Q020.BS16.GT24-M replacement parker


926835Q replacement return filter


Replacement Parker Compressed Air Filter

Replacement compressed air filter PARKER (PD、QD265 Series)

PD/ QD265 Series

Replacement filter details PARKER (PD、QD265 Series)

DML replacement filter elements have the same filtration efficiency as the original, which can protect your filtration equipment and precision instruments from the common dust, water, and oil in compressed air, up to 99.99%.

Replacement Filter Elements Advantage

Parker’s technical resources can provide the correct filtration technology in line with thousands of worldwide manufacturers and equipment users, with stable quality, technological innovation, and high-quality customer service, it is deeply loved and relied on by customers. The applicable industry involves hydraulic, lubrication, and cooling filtration systems, gas filtration equipment, process, and chemical fluid filtration, as well as fuel regulation and filtration, it provides high-quality protection.

DML can provide 100% compatible replacement filter elements for various industries around the world. They are all recognized original filter elements, just like parker.

In particular, it can include all part number hydraulic filter replacement elements, has a wealth of production experience, and a complete product database.

According to the parker part number or the photo of the original filter element as a reference, we can produce replacement filter elements with the same size, function and the same filtration efficiency.

You can find the part number on both ends of the end cap of the original filter element or directly consult your equipment dealer.

Reminder: If you also need to purchase replacement filter elements of other brands, please add the name of this brand in front of the part number, in this way, we can quickly provide you with the corresponding quotation or production information.

More Original Filter Replacement Needs

There are much more parts numbers of the original parker filter elements, so please provide the numbers or photos of the filter elements you need to replace as a reference, in order to reply fast, accuracy and in detail. Meanwhile, save your precious time.

We will retrieve the product library and quickly match the replacement filter data, that production can be arranged immediately after your confirmation.

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Any questions will be answered
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    More About The Production Sales of DML Industrial Filter Elements

    The filter element is an important part of the filter.

    It must capture and retain impurities such as pollutants that may damage or stop the operation of the machine, at the same time, it can ensure the efficient circulation of clean fluid and keep the equipment running.

    There are many ways to design and construct filter elements, and it is easy to make low-cost elements.

    But the cost is not a good evaluation and selection criterion, especially when the component loses key performance, the risk is very high.

    However, DML to parker filter element replacement can reduce production costs while ensuring the quality of original filter elements, that is why we have been able to provide ODM services for German hydraulic oil filter element brand customers for 10 years.

    Ultimate Advantage

    1. 100% compatibility
    2. Reasonable price, reducing replacement cost by more than 35%
    3. Free brand customization service
    4. No MOQ
    5. Short production period and stable delivery
    6. Good after-sales service
    7. Customized production according to actual requirements
    8. One-stop service
    9. Quick response

    What efforts have we made in production?

    . Screen reinforcement (but not all components are used)

    Prevent filter folds from collapsing or bonding
    If the filter pleats stick or collapse, the effective filter area of the element will be reduced. It will increase the pressure drop and put the filter assembly into bypass mode.
    It wastes energy and returns unfiltered fluid to the system. It will shorten the life of filter elements and even threaten system safety.

    . Multiple methods and times of testing

    The filter media has been tested multiple times and strictly implemented ISO testing standards and regulations.
    Backed by recognized laboratory testing standards to ensure that your replacement filter element has a consistent performance level

    . The tightness and high strength

    The quality of the seal can completely determine the manufacturer’s process level. Positive sealing can ensure the best component efficiency
    The high-quality filter media is strengthened by the protection of wire mesh or perforated cylinder, which can effectively prevent the filter element from bursting and resist the impact of instantaneous pressure difference.

    . Correct component design

    Correctly design the depth of the filter pleats and the number of pleats. This can reduce pressure loss and increase the service life of the filter element
    The dirt holding capacity can be kept maximized. This avoids frequent replacement of the filter element.

    Ask DML

    Of course, you can get what you want
    We provide replacement filter elements for parker filter elements without MOQ
    Even 1 filter element can be immediately arranged for production

    If you need samples for testing, please provide the corresponding part number
    Or provide corresponding system data, filter media, and size reference information for customized products
    In addition, we can provide free samples for low-cost filter elements,
    The demand for replacement filter elements of other brands is the same.

    We have complete parker filter cross-reference information in our database.
    But sorry,
    The stock will reduce the quality of the replacement filter element.
    We have no inventory of filter elements, to avoid this situation and save unnecessary inventory management costs.

    Moreover, DML has mature production technology, a professional production line, and a technical team, so it can be produced and delivered in a short time

    • Small production (1 pc or several), usually completed within a week
    • 100 pcs within 10 days
    • It only takes 1 month to deliver thousands of items

    You need to know that industrial filter elements need to pay more attention to comprehensive quality, unlike filtration products such as automobile oil filters, which can hold a large amount of inventory stock, otherwise, it will threaten the safety of the equipment and cause greater losses.

    . 12 months warranty
    If the filter element has quality problems due to production or normal use within one year
    We promise to reproduce it for free.

    . certificate
    Our products have passed the ISO 9001 certification, and the corresponding certification documents can be provided according to your requirements.

    Carton or wooden box

    Samples and small orders will be sent directly to you through FedEx/ DHL/ UPS/ TNT and other approved express companies. The larger quantity, sea freight through Qingdao or Shanghai port

    Of course,
    DML has very mature ODM production experience,
    Has provided customers in many countries with brand foundry services for nearly 10 years,
    Label printing service is a normal service

    Such as German hydraulic oil filter brand customers, Greek shipyard parts supplier customers
    And industrial filter operators in Czech, Romania, and other countries.
    And established professional production lines for them
    In order to ensure these customers can enjoy high-quality, stable delivery ODM services.

    Therefore, only need to provide your label design files
    And explain the printing method, location, and size requirements

    If it is only the printing of basic information of the filter element, such as the part number, etc.
    Do not worry,
    These are all necessary so that they can reduce unnecessary trouble at your next replacement time.

    Please contact us if you have any questions about replacement filter elements or purchase requirements of other brand original filter elements. The technical experts will answer you in detail within 6 hours

    If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or via mail to