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Professional production normal parts numbers of hydraulic filter element, match the accepted brands. Use for various hydraulic systems of industrial equipment, and heavy duty equipment.

Such as suction filter, high-pressure filter, hydraulic return filter, filter carts, and the custom design, manufacture of conventional industrial hydraulic oil filters, also provides the OEM/ ODM services of the hydraulic replacement filter element, No MOQ.

  1. Excellent Filter Efficiency
  2. Compliance with ISO Standards
  3. Replacement Costs Saved over 30%
  4. No MOQ, Free Samples
  5. Private Label, Custom Printing
  6. Brands Margin Increased over 50%

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Actual Requirement Custom
Wide-range Model of Low-cost hydraulic filter replacement.


More than 48,500 types of replacement filter elements, they can cover most recognized manufacturers with stable production and delivery period.


With the ability to flexibly customize design, DML has provided ODM services for hydraulic filter brand customers for nearly 10 years. Such as Germany and other countries

Provide The Hydraulic Filter You Need

Include the suction strainer, high-pressure filter, hydraulic return filter, and other interchange filter & element.

Replacement Hydraulic Filter Element

More than 48,500 units of interchange filter design drawings are in our database, which covers the most accepted brands of hydraulic filter manufacturers.
There’s the same filter efficiency but have a more reasonable price.

By providing the brand, parts numbers, reference photos, or actual operating data of the hydraulic system, samples, etc.
That can quickly determine the appropriate hydraulic filter element for you.
And even can help you optimize the replacement filter element if there are more detailed parameters, like system pressure, initial pressure loss, size, flow rate, filter media, system environment, etc.

For example,
by reducing the initial pressure loss to increase the service life of the replacement filter.

we can produce an even better quality interchange filter than the original filter according to the model information.

hydraulic filter suction strainer - DML 1
hydraulic filter suction strainer - DML 2
hydraulic filter suction strainer - DML 3
hydraulic filter pressure line filter - DML 1
hydraulic filter pressure line filter - DML 2
hydraulic filter pressure line filter - DML 3
hydraulic return filter 1 - DML 1
hydraulic return filter 1 - DML 2
hydraulic return filter 1 - DML 3
Filter MediaStainless Steel MeshGlass FiberCellulose
Micron Rating3~400μm1~70μm5~40μm
Operating Temperature Range-20℃ ~ 160℃-20℃ ~ 160℃-20℃ ~ 160℃
Max Operating Pressure420bar420bar420bar

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Hydraulic Filters

For any hydraulic system, we all want to minimize maintenance work. And modern hydraulic systems often require small size and compact structure.

Therefore, the character of the hydraulic system itself and its use factors should be considered at the beginning of the design, including the intervention of the bypass filter system.

Before DML manufactures the hydraulic filters, various elements will be calculated statistically into the design such as system pressure, filter medium, working temperature, flow change, pressure shock, working environment, etc.

Compliance with international standards, reducing the difficulties of maintenance and replacement.

Hydraulic-filters - DML 2
Hydraulic-filters - DML 3
Hydraulic-filters - DML 4
Hydraulic-filters - DML 5
Hydraulic-filters - DML 6
Hydraulic-filters - DML 7
Hydraulic-filters - DML 8
Hydraulic-filters - DML 9
Hydraulic-filters - DML 1

Why Choose DML Hydraulic Filter Supplier?

8 Advantages

Technical Support

100% Accuracy detection methods, Experienced in hydraulic filter equipment manufacture, Continuous increasing input of technical personnel

Quality Control

Accurate measurement for actual use, Standardized production process, Complete hydraulic filter testing equipment, Professional technical engineers.

Price Advantage

Same filtration quality as original filter element, Help customers increase more than 30% profit, Save more than 35% cost of replacement filter elements.

R & D Capabilities

Production drawing development, Testing equipment R&D, and production for own use, Deep cooperation with hydraulic system research institutions.

Professional Customized

Customization of hydraulic filters and filter elements, customized brand printing, and packaging. No MOQ

Deliver Faster

Manufacture within 20 days for 1000 pcs of replacement filter elements; 30 days for opening the new mold

Directional Inventory

We reserve conventional products periodic for stable customers to shorten the manufacture-delivery time.

General Strength

Customized independent production lines for Germany, Czech, and Ronalnia, etc brand clients.

Want to reduce replacement costs? The quality of existing suppliers are unstable? Want to run your own product line?

How To Purchase Hydraulic Filter?

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Replacement Filter Element

Only need to provide “parts number” or “reference picture”.

(Generally, there are digital codes at both ends of the original filter element end cap.)

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