Mahle Hydraulic Filter 852126 drg40 | 77682875

Replacement Hydraulic Suction Filter Elements Manufacturing

852126drg40 - 77682875 MAHLE suction filter

Mahle Hydraulic Filter Element Replacement Manufacturing

  • Compatibility 100%
  • Excellent Filtration Efficiency Same as Original Filter
  • Reasonable Price | Save Replace Cost Over 30%

  • Direct Factory. Stable Delivery Time
  • Flexible Private Label Service
  • ODM/ OEM Service

The best-functioning replacement filter element is essential to the filter equipment user, no matter what the filter of the original equipment parts is used for filtration hydraulic oil (or other oil), compressed air, or a separator, etc.
DML provides the replacement filter that is suitable for Mahle filter elements of Pi Type, 852 series, and OX filter cartridge, etc

Please tell us the parts numbers of elements you need to replace, some photos are better, or get the price of this replacement Mahle filter elements now

The Sample of Industrial Filter Elements Display

Why Choose DML?

As a professional manufacturer of filter elements for industrial, DML has been providing ODM production services for many filter brands in different countries. For example, hydraulic filter elements brand operator in Germany, industrial filter distributor in the Czech Republic and Romania, shipyard filter equipment parts supplier in Greek, etc.

So, why we have gained the trust of our customers and been able to provide stable ODM services for ten years?

    1. Direct Factory | Which helps you save over 30% on replacement costs.
    2. Compatibility 100% | Same filtration efficiency as original but more cost-effective.
    3. After-sale Protection | Any question about the quality of our goods will be quickly solved.
    4. Stable Delivery Time | We have stable productivity so we can ensure on-time and fast delivery.
    5. Professional Design | Through reasonable design to improve the filtration performance and working life of the elements.


It is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. It depends on the mode of transportation.
It will take at least a week If the custom production, is according to quantity.

In addition to our own research and development of metal filter materials, There is also high-quality glass fiber imported from the HV company of USA, and filter paper fiber from South Korea, and so on.

What’s more, No matter what kind of filter media must pass many tests of the testing equipment, to ensure that the filter elements produced have the good filtration efficiency

The warranty is 1 year.

It means under the correct installation and normal using condition, if our goods meet any quality problem, we will re-produce for you again for free.

Yes, we could offer the sample for free but do not pay the cost of freight.

I think we will do it very well. Because that DML had provide 10 years ODM services for trader of Germany hydraulic filter elements and other customers.

  • Please tell us what you need

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